Upgrading amp

I am wanting to upgrade my Adcom 545II amp. Currently it is hooked up to a Parasound PHP850 pre and Aperion Intimus 6T speakers. Any suggestions on amps around 1000.00 that would be a good match for the rest of this system? My source for this system will be FLAC files from my computer and Emotiva DAC.
There's currently a couple of used Odyssey Audio Stratos amp for sale for $1000 and under that would probably work well with these speakers. They are a relatively easy load to drive, so you may even be able to drive them with a Forte Model 4 amp if you can find one.
I am using an Emotiva XPA-2, 300W x 2. Couldn't be more pleased for $799 new delivered to your door.
Aren't the Emotiva amps similar to the Adcoms? (forward)
Besides another Parasound what amps would match up to the
PS pre?
Actually, after looking over your system again, I think your best bet is an integrated amp. Sell your Parasound PHP850 and the Adcom 545II, look for an Ayre Ax-7e, Plinius 8200, or even a Classe CAP-150 would be better than what you currently have.

Personally, I'd be looking for a tubed integrated amp, but you don't seem to be interested in tubes. At the low end of the market, you will get more bang for the buck sonically with an integrated amp than with separates.
Erniek-Don't fall victim to the Emotiva "Giant Killer" sales pitch. A Quad 909/99 is a much better choice. If you find the Quad gear to quirky and don't mind an older power/pre consider a Proceed BPA 2/PRE. Depending on condition both these set-ups could run slightly over your $1k limit, but the extra couple hundred dollars will give you a true hi-end system.