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Looking for a good DAC under $500
I have an essence hdacc and have been been very pleased with its versatility. Currently hooked up to an old Adcom 535 amp and KEF LS50's surprisingly good sound out of an older pc. Bought OPPO Sonica Dac and do not hear much difference between the... 
Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S Speakers - A Review
I too have M4 turbo S and as I listen today they still excite me as if I am hearing them for the first time. (Purchased at Axpona last year). I have them paired with an Odyssey Khartago/Candela combo and am fully satisfied with this combo. Can't w... 
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
Odyssey audio. Grabs the speaker and shakes the most out of it.The only one I will buy from now on. 
I have LS50's and my room is 12 x 16. What size sub would you recommend to use with these? 
Today's New York Times
I remember what got me interested in hifi back in the early seventies, (visiting stores like Music Craft in Chicago) was being able to spend countless hours in them listening and talking to salesman that had opinions and knowledge to share about a... 
Upgrading amp
Aren't the Emotiva amps similar to the Adcoms? (forward)Besides another Parasound what amps would match up to the PS pre? 
Questions about Musical Fidelity V-Link USB/SPDIF
I have a XDA-1 as well and want to purchase a V-link as I have read it does significantly improve the sound. Would like to hear more comments if possible.Thanks 
Emotiva XDA-1 DAC?
Anyone know how the XDA-1 compares to a Vdac?