Upgrade to Linn Klout s or go active ?

Have LP12, Karik and other sources.
Currently I use Kairn pre-amp and 2 LK100's driving Kelidhs passively.

I have been thinking for some time about going active with the LK100's but wonder if longer term it's better to move to Klout first and then go active on that. I see that the Klout is being discontinued and it's being advertised on the web for c. £1,600 new (rather than £2,400!).

I don't want to buy 2 Klouts and make them active because of the cost but is it worth going to 1 and later active rather than upgrade the LK 100's?

I can use the LK100's in 2 secondary systems with Majik's so they won't be wasted.

I know another alternative is to move to the LK85's or LK 140's and then go active with them but with the Klout so relatively cheap I just wondered if this is a great chance to move to it.
I have Linn Ninka's with two LK-85 amps. I just made them aktiv 5 days ago and I suggest you go aktiv. I don't know much about the benefits of getting the Klout but do know the benefits of going aktiv. Go aktiv.
Go active with the lk100's you can pick up a used one on audigon for 500us or so ...and i believe that you can get an extra bass module for a 4 lk100 which will enhance the bass even more...going active from passive is night and day once done you will consider it your best investment...regards ken
I say aktiv, but have never tune demed aktiv LK amps to Klouts. I have aktiv LK140s and am thrilled with them. Here is an interesting article to help decide. After reading this, I decided to stay aktiv instead of upgrading to one passive 2250.