klout vrs 5105

I currently have four linn 5105 amps all chained and aktiv.There is a good deal at the audio store where I shop they have kouts for about $1800.00 all waranty.Has anyone owned these amps or heard theses amps to compare. I would like to get these amps if the klout is a musically better amp. If anyone has heard these amps I would like to hear your comparison.I am using the ikemi cd 5103 prossesor,keltik speakers.
thanks dglinn.
I talked to Linn about doing just this with my 5140's. They said it would be an upgrade, though not worth it in their opinion, they suggested the only logical upgrade was to the klimax twins, but they are quite a bit more money.
The Klouts by far is a better amp. I have an Ikemi, Kairn-Pro, 4 Klouts and Keltiks. I plan to buy a AV-5103 and use 2
more Klouts I own, Aktive center channel (Ekwal) and pasive
surround (Katans). Since you will be changing all 4 amps you might want to consider the new 2250 amp. I do prefer the Klouts but some Linn fanatics do like the 2250 more.
Check with your dealer on the Aktive cards issue, the Klouts uses mono card, I don't know if the 5105 uses mono or stereo ones. If the 5105 uses stereo Aktive cards, the 2250 will end up costing about the same as Klouts and new mono cards.