Upgrade from Jolida JD9 Mk 2 phono stage?

So - what would be a good, reasonably priced (under $1500 new or used) phono stage? I have a Jolida JD 9 Mk 2 being fed by a VPI HW-19 Mk 4 with a Benz SH. What would be a good phono stage upgrade? I've upgraded the tubes with Amperexes.

Much thanks for your expertise and patience

There's a Linn Linto up for sale right now for about $800.  I have one and it's really very good.  I have no desire to upgrade it.  It has no adjustable loading, which may or may not be important, but just FYI, J Carr from Lyra just posted that loading was not very important for MC carts.  I'm sure others would disagree, but just tellin' ya is all.  
@wilson667 It doesn't really matter. I used to be wedded to tubes, but I'm happy with either.

@chayro The Linto is gone. Sigh. I can def. tell a difference with the loading options on the Jolida in terms of fullness, bass, and presence.
I think what J Carr actually said was that the loading makes more a difference to the phono preamp than the cartridge.  Seems like a distinction without a difference.  In any case, I think the Linto is really good and maybe look around for another one.  Linn sold a ton of them and you don't see many up for sale, so the owners must be pretty happy with them.  
I went from the Jolida to an Avid Pulsus to an Icon Audio ps1 Mkii.  The Avid was in my opinion very detailed and quiet. It was a little on the cool side of neutral. I really missed the midrange of tubes and the ability to handle the clicks and pops a little better. The Mkii is also very quiet it is not as flexible on loading options but I am only running mm at the moment.  The mc is essentially handled by a step up transformer.  I could live with either of them. Just my 2 cents with my limited experience.