Upgading my H/T system - What to do???????

My home theatre system consists of a Dennon 3300 amp using Paridigm mini monitor 20's, Paradigm cc350 center, and Paradigm ps1200 sub. Lately my system has been sounding plain and dull. It seems to be missing that brilliant, in you face crisp sound that I once thought it had. Recently, I have been lookng at a couple different options to upgrade my system. Systems 1: Rotel RMB 1075 amp($1400)can$ and the rsp 1066($1800)can$ pre amp using my speakers. or Option 2: Anthem mca 50($2000)can$ amp and Anthem avm 20($3800)can$ pre amp using my speakers. or Option 3:use my Denon 3300 with new speakers such as Tannoy system 6 or 8. Or should I just upgrade everything?? I just want a great sounding system that I will be happy with, without braking the bank. If anyone has any suggestions, input or comments, it would be greatly apprciated in helping me make up my mind.
I've owned a Denon AVR3300 and was really happy with it. IMO it's the best surround receiver that Denon made. I currently own an Anthem AVM20, with aragon amp, and they will bury me with it. I don't think that there is anything wrong with your system.

A few suggestions:

1. Possible hearing loss. As we age we loose some hihg frequency hearing.

2. Change is room furnishings. Moving furniture, floor treatments and wall hangings can change the "sound" of the room.

3. The upgrade bug has hit. This bug can cause major hearing loss and financial ruin. I know when I get the bug, my system sounds like crap.

Good Luck!
Figure out how much you are willing to spend.

Go listen to several systems costing as much.

Come home, pour yourself a really good glass of wine.

If, after listening to the new stuff, your own system still sounds so bad, go spend some money.
I am in same boat, however, my system is 16 years old. So much has changed. I recently purchased Magneplaners and narrowed pre/pro-amp choices to Rotel and Anthem. I have decided on the AVM20 and the MVA50, which I will be getting in two-three weeks. Also waiting for Odyssey monoblocks for mains. It'll be a while before I can tell you how it all sounds together, but I have researched this for a while and the decision was tough. Good luck.
Again, count me in the recent upgrade boat. It all started when I came across a deal on some Thiel 3.6's, then another deal on some Adcom amps (I know that they get knocked a lot, but I happen to like the sound of my GFA-555II's). So, I went from a two channel system with a Caver C-11 preamp, one GFA-555II, and Acoustic Research TSW-110's (with an older, passive subwoofer), to a 5-channel setup with the Thiel CS3.6's, Thiel SCS3 center, AR SAT 660's for surrounds, and the Rotel RSP-1066 for the brains. I really think that the RSP-1066 is a good pre/pro for the money. When I went looking for a multi-channel pre, Rotel wasn't even on my list, but the guys at Progressive Audio made me listen to it. So, I A/B'd it against the Krell Showcase, and lo and behold, it didn't sound too bad (especially for 1/3 of the price). Yes, I'd love to have a Krell pre/pro (and amps!) at some point, but until then, the RSP-1066 will suit me just fine. I am thinking about picking up two more SCS3's to make it an all Thiel speaker setup. And I probably need a subwoofer, since my room is very, very bass unfriendly (the CS3.6's can hold their own in a good room, but mine is not one of them).

I think that Unclejeff's advice is the best. Being a fan of separates (especially processors that can be software upgraded, like the Rotel), I'd say try that jump first. I would normally recommend upgrading speakers first, but you have a lot invested in matching speakers, and with the proper amplification, those Paradigms are pretty darn good (especially for the money). A friend of mine has a Paradigm HT speaker setup, and the sound of his speakers noticeably improved when he substituted a separate power amp (Adcom GFA-5500) for the power amp section of his receiver (high end Yamaha, though not sure of the model). Of course, you may not notice as big of a gain stepping up from your Denon, which is an impressive receiver. However, once you have the pre/pro/amp squared away, I think that you can find speakers that are more brilliant, accurate, and musical than your Paradigms (say, Thiel, for instance!).

Happy hunting.

If you generally like the sound of your system but feel you are lacking a bit of detail or excitement, the cheapest and easiest thing you might do is change your interconnects and possibly speaker cable. You didn't list what cables you're currently using, but going to something like DH Labs BL1 or maybe even Zu Cable Oxy Fuel interconnects may very well add some sparkle back to your system on the cheap while also getting the expensive upgrade bug off your back for a while. Best of luck.