Advice / Counsel re: Upgading System

I would like to upgade my system to the next level, but don't have much direction as to what to do next. I live in a rural area with no high end audio dealers near. Current system is all Adcom; GFA5800 amp, GFP750 preamp, CGD750 CD and B&W 801 S2 Anniversary speakers. I love the sound, but want to go to the next level. Wondering about Levinson, Krell, AudioResearch, or ?? but would be acquiring pre-owned, not new. Any advice, things to consider, etc. appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Try biamp the speaker. BW 801 really sings when biamped.
Room size?
Musical taste?
Tube, ss or don't care?
Going to need a minimum of 14500 to make a worthwhile difference.Thats after you sell off for say 3500 what you have IMHO.Are you ready?Bob
I assumed a $10-15K investment. Small room now, about 15x15. Eclectic taste in music, but lots of jazz, some classical and some 60's rock. Prefer solid state. Actually, I love my 801's and it would take something special to get me to part with them. But I'm open to new ideas.
If the 801's are stock, they need the Sound Anchor stands and Northcreek Xovers(now back in production for a limited time).
I have the Sound Anchor stands on order right now. I explored the Northcreeks a few weeks ago, but frankly, I was unsure about investing that much in these speakers. I wondered whether I should invest heavily in the 801's or look at putting that money in new speakers. That was part of the motivation for the post. Without a high end audio store around me, it's impossible for me to audition new components. Would you invest $2500 in the NorthCreek Xovers, and would I hear that much difference in the sound? Thanks for the responses and the advice.
B&W bought Classe to provide "companion" electronics for their speakers. Now, I mention that as a starting point. I suggest a slush fund to begin purchasing and listening to equipment that you can "turnover" without suffering to much of a loss until you find that something that meets your criteria. Let your ears decide. Just a thought. Good luck.
You'll hear the difference.
Small room will require smaller speakers I'm thinking.Hard for those to breathe in a 15x15.You have 100's of combo's with your $$$$....its a good feeling when you got it going,good luck,Bob