Updated Crossovers for Apogee Stages

Does anyone know a source that makes updated Apogee Stage speaker crossovers? The two I’m familiar with have gone out of business. Mine are roughly 20 years old and before I give them to my son I’d like to update that function if possible. 
Hey OP,

One thing to be aware of is that modern film caps have a lot lower ESR than they used to. With so many caps in parallel, it may be worthwhile to measure the ESR of the original assembly (I see 4 or more caps in parallel) and make sure you replace with equivalent ESR, or add R as needed.

You can use Dayton DATS or a jig for Room EQ Wizard to do this.

They used to believe that ESR was a big contributor to the sonic characteristic of capacitors, but that's been pretty much disproven. Whatever the reason it isn't there.


Thanks E. Good suggestion. I did this update a year ago but I’ll remember this if I get the bug to take the update even further. So far my son still loves my 15 ohm Chartwell LS3/5A’s with his AudioNote kit tubes so my Apogees are still with me. 
Danny Richie at GR Research (a x/o design expert) will replicate the stock x/o with upgraded parts. He’ll send them to you, and you can do the soldering or have a local technician do it for you. Watch his GRR Tech Talk Tuesday videos on YouTube for examples of his x/o upgrades.
Thanks bpd24. I’ve seen DR’s videos on YouTube but I didn’t know he also did x/o updates for speakers he didn’t have in his workshop to measure. But if he’d just provide the upgraded parts that would be great. Thanks again!
I’ve had difficulty finding a schematic of the Stage crossover so when I finally stumbled across it today I thought I’d post the link for anyone else looking for it.