Upconvert DVD players for my system

I have recently completed my system with the addition of the Pioneer 50" Elite series plasma display and must say I am very pleased with the performance. I have only entry level components when it comes to my HT gear all Rotel RSP-1066 Pre-Pro, RDV-1080 Progressive scan DVD player and the RMB-1075 5 channel HT amp. I work in electronics sales but only at a low-end level and we sell many of the upconvert DVD players that have begun to flood the market. Now I have always thought as these entry level players to be nothing more than "Smoke and Mirrors and do very little to actually upconvert the true content of your normal 480P DVD. But I have read several articals that say if one is willing to invest in a decent brand of up-convert player than one could definately expect to gain a noticable improvement in their playback of standard DVD's. I wanted to know if anyone out there has any recommendations as to a good player without going over 3k. In the past Arcam has always received very good reviews on there players so I would be looking for something in that type of price range.
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I find my toshiba hd-dvd to upconvert very well, picture is much better then the phillips sa-963 that I had before and the samsung hd-941. For $500 they are worth a try.
Yes, For 'round $500 the Tosh HD DVD player is the way to go. The upconv. is similar to the latest Oppo---Acording to owners of both players.The second gen.Tosh. player should hit the stores later this month,And we expect slow loading and darkness over hdmi should be a thing of the past. Also should have 1080p.
I'm waiting. ( Got me a Ruby-1080p,in.)
Find a deal on the Denon 5910.
With the 1080p it retails for $3,700.
I got the non 1080p for $1,200. demo.
It is a great all around player.
I just got the sony blue ray player with upconversion of standard dvd and I'm amazed at how much better my stanard dvd's look. I see things I've never seen before in movies I've seen many times. Its not blue ray, but close and the sony is $1000
$500.00 Tosh HD DVD. Hangs with the best upconverting players, is cheap and you have the ability to play HD DVDs. If Tosh loses the hi def disk war you still have a great upconvert player for cheap. Its also a decent cd player with isolation under.