Upconverting DVD Player Through Component?

I know there were some of these on the market, but now all of the upconverting players are through the DVI or HDMI outputs. Which models, current or used upconvert through the component connection?
The zenith DVB318 is one of the few you'll find. I have one, but i'll be selling it off in a few weeks along with long audioquest and one nordost component cables.
None. If you don't use the HDMI or DVI connection, you won't benefit from the upconversion. It will be progressive scan thru component cables, but not upconversion.
Nola is correct. Some of the early Zenith DVB318s "inadvertently" had upsampled output via the component video output. I think it was later "fixed" via software.

There is more information than you will ever care to read about this subject on the DVD player forum at www.AVSforum.com.


As a general rule, non of the players are supposed to upconvert via analog connections. However, if you do some research, I believe many of the players, like Momitsu 880, Samsung 850, Panasonic 971(?), and Onkyo players were "mod-able" to upconvert via component.
Anyone care to comment or affirm this though? I only vaguely remember myself actually.