Unusual, but great audio/stereo furniture (and built-ins)?

Most of us with higher end stereo/audio components need something to set them on/put them in. In the early days there was a company called Barzilay and since many. I had a modern furniture store for years and sold many audio storage units, mainly from Denmark/Scandinavia.

I have been out of the business for several years. What have you experienced to be great looking and working furniture to hold your components? I know that many have built-ins that are beyond many free standing units. My best built in was in a classic 1920s house in a great neighborhood of Madison, Wi. A contractor friend of mine had an older/retired craftsman working for him that did a series of built-ins in the living/media, dining, bedroom and some very functional/great looking corner units in the open stair/hallways. Those and the fireplace surround this craftsman did were so great, they looked like they had always been there.

In helping friends and customers with furnishings and audio...I found many good marriages of design/style and function. Many historic homes that I helped re-model, the goal was for those modifications to appear like they were there from the start. Miss doing that for people.

Here is my modest 'built-in' cabinet and book shelves. It is in a casual "sun room" on one end of my house which is 90 years old. I built the shelves and cabinet myself. It is fairly simple and I am no cabinet maker.

The color was not my choice but it matched the surrounding valences, etc. Ignore the lamps on the floor to the right, they are destined for a garage sale.

The cabinet has a power conditioner strip built into it. There are free standing fans for cooling.

The top and each shelf can be removed without tools for easier installation etc. The shelves have cutouts for cables and such. The shelf under the amp has cooling holes for drawing air up into the heat sinks.

n80, very nice.  Is the bird on the top left a Sandpiper?  If so, that was the name of a decent Steve McQueen film. 

Take care
It is a sandpiper. Carved by my uncle. Never heard of that McQueen movie but I may just look it up.