Universal Remote: classy cheapy available?

Am getting really sick of the cheap plastic one provided by EC with the EMC-1, especially as my left hand uses the lovely Pass Labs brick for my Aleph P. I had noticed that an NAD remote worked on the EMC also. Anybody know of a good-looking and handling remote that might operate the EMC?
I really need only the simple PLAY/PAUSE/STOP etc functions.
Something like the slick Audio Refinement Complete's would be cute....Thanks. Ern
I've used a Philips Pronto for several years and really like it. It may be more complex than what you're looking for, but it has tremendous flexibility to expand it's usefullness as your needs dictate. I love the macro feature; I've programmed several macros to turn on all my components and set them to play back CD's, DVD's, HBO, etc. Once you've done the initial work (somewhat tedious but not very complicated) to program the macros one button does the rest. Nifty! I believe there is a Pronto for sale on Agon right now. You don't need the latest and greatest, so you should be able to pick one up for $100-$200.

I picked up a Proton remote and it works great. Touch screen, docking base to recharge the batteries, and really easy to program. Got it off Ebay, if memory serves it was $100 for the remote, charging stand, and serial cable.


enjoy, Jeff
Recommend you look at www.Bluedo.com.

They have a great selection of remotes and deal with us picky audiophiles all the time B^P.

I have a Home Theater Master programmable and couldn't ask for better.
Hoping for a simple answer? It's never that easy! :-) Here's another site to do some research. This one called Remote Central seems to have lots of "Remote" information (with a name like that, you'd sure hope so!). Bob.
Thanks guys. I checked ALL of these out this morning, and indeed Ellen might like the Pronto for our HT (thinking Hannukah/Xmas), but I think I'll just borrow a dealer/friend's Audio Refinement Complete silver joystick, as I remember it being being particularly well-designed, if not necessarily logical (c'est francais, n'est-ce pas?).
I just need 4 buttons, operation in the dark without eerie green glow, and a bit more resemblance to the opposite armchair-side Pass Teutonia instead of Japanese Rice. Cheers.