Ultrasonic record cleaners

I have a modest lp collection, mixed bag of original college age purchases, used records before the current renewed interest, and some newer albums to replace some older issues from the p mount needle days.  Have a vpi 16 machine and audio intelligent form 6 fluid. I’m not finding a significant improvement on my noisier issues.  The price of ultrasonic cleaners have come down to a price I would consider.  Appreciate the experiences of those who have purchased the ultrasonic machines, are they superior to my vpi and are the less expensive models effective?



AliExpress. China of course but cheap. If you buy an ultrasonic cleaner here in the USA, it was made in China anyway and you'll pay a crazy markup for nothing. Joe 

@jnovak not true but you can think that. The cheap stuff on Amazon yes I will give you that those are made in the PRC. 

Degritter, nope, Kirmuss nope. Audio Desk nope. 

I was referring to the ultrasonic tank type. I know the others are made here. They do look appealing but the price???

Actually most are made in the EU. 

Like I said I will give you the cheap Amazon stuff. I have one of the cheap ones from Amazon and a Kirmuss and the cheap one I use to do an initial cleaning when buying a batch of used records. I can give 6 of them a bath after cleaning the surface with surfactant and a shaving brush. Then I give them another more through cleaning in the Kirmuss. 

Rather deal with Amazon then if I have an issue I have recourse as apposed to dealing with a vendor in the PRC. 

I bought the Humming guru ($400) direct from the South Korean company, for my Nephew. No scientific data, but it cleaned and dried pretty well.

I would keep the VPI you have for dirty records, and run them through the Humming Guru after the VPI.

I use an AudioDesk and it’s OK overall.