Tyler Linbrook System for butt kicking?

I need an affordable speaker that will kick a$$ in rock, metal, electronica. That is 80% of my listening. I also enjoy ambient, jazz vocals.

Can the Linbrook System deliver?

The Tyler Acoustic Linbrook 1 pcs system with deliver most of what your asking for.. I listen to alot of 70's and 80's music and some newer.. The Tylers sound very good on most Rock , Classical, Jazz and Blues ect.. I would say right at and over 90 to 95% affective.. The metal will sound pretty good on some and others would probably rate at about 80 to 85% affective... The Tylers overall though perform very nicely and handle very well.. I would say there some of the best available at there cost and sound as good and better as ones that cost lots more...
Good luck ,
the Linbrooks will do most anything you want, because of their build quality and high quality drivers. Ty will customize them for you as well. If you tell him that you want the 'butt kicking' upgrade, I'm sure he'll be able to accomodate you. :-)

They are excellent speakers. I've posted many times about the Linbrooks. Look up my threads.

good luck. keep that head bangin' :-)
Oldpet is correct and i may be making it sound like im under rating them.. I guess my way of saying nothings perfect though,, The Tyler's though are awefully close and sound awesome..Ty is aslo a very nice person to deal with, he cares about his product and his customers.. You won't go wrong, give them a try, i think you will be very satified..
Call Ty and ask him about another line he is producing
that use pro drivers & horn tweeters. I have a pair
and they do rock!! 2-15" woofers & 2-10" midrange per
side & 99db...they rock all right and with just a 50
pc tube amp!
While I didn't buy the Linbrook Signature System for rockin' out, they are certainly capable of it. The bass is very good - tight, detailed and about as low as you would want to go. I listen to a wide range of music and have found no area where they're weak. Recently I put on some old ZZ Top and cranked it up to near pain levels for the sheer fun of it - it rocked big time. I'm a drummer and the speakers delivered.

As mentioned above, Ty has prototyped some extremely dynamic speakers which he feels are particularly good for rock n' roll. I've seen them (they're size XXL) but haven't heard them. The Linbrooks sound good out of the box, but really start to find their own after 200 hours or so. They're also a very revealing speaker and improvements in your front end or room acoustics will be rewarded.
Highly recommend the Linbrooks for electric music.

I owned a pair and now have Woodmeres.

You'll love the house sound.
thanks all

I am pretty sure I'm going to order a pair as soon as I can pull the money together.

I'm going to need an amp too. Any recommendations? Tyler said a hybrid integrated with around 150 watts per side would be good. DK Mark 2 used?

That would make a sweet setup for around $6K.

JB, how much do you like the Woodmeres compared to the Linbrook?
Woodmeres provide that lowest half octave, not even present on most recordings. They also have a more relaxed bass voicing. They need a big room, as those 10 inch woofers move a lot more air than the Linbrooks 8 inch drivers.
Mrvegas, I have the Linbrook Signature Systems (1 Piece). I think you have gotten excellent advise. Go for it!

Regarding amplification, these are VERY revealing speakers. They do not have any of the upper-midrange/high end emphasis problems associated with a lot of "audiophile" speakers, in fact they might even have a mild dip in the 2000 to 3000 hz range, but that doesn't mean that they won't fully reveal the nature of the electronics you are using. You will hear everything! Very clearly! That said, I have been using 40wt tube amps (but I don't rock out) as well as large stereo and mono tube amps, very successfully. If you don't listen excessively loud, or have a huge room to fill, you don't need lots of power so long as you got good 4ohm output, tube or SS.

Re the DK - I would be very careful before I took that route. Many of the reviews that I have read by folks who have actually owned one have complained of a less than stellar upper mid-range (reminds me of the typical complaints made about inexpensive SS stuff - glassy, grainy, rought, etc). I haven't owner one so I can't testify. I know they are really cheap now (used for down to $1300) but, personally, if I couldn't hear one in my system I would avoid the temptation. FWIW.

Hope you enjoy your Tylers.

You really need to check out the new speakers from Tyler
that I mentioned above. Not only do they rock, but they
are great for all types of music. Very fast & dynamic as
you can imagine, but most important, they are highly
Very open & airy sounding also. They are fantastic with
my modded Jolida Sig 3205..50 W/PC.

I love em, and I recently owned Green Mountain C-3's
and Dunlavy SCIVA's, B&W 801MIII's, to name just a few. I usually grow tired of a
component in a week (yes I'm sick) or so if it is not doing it for me,
and I have had these now for a whopping month and like
them more every day. :o) Not that that means anything
to anyone else, just trying to say I am hard to please.

Hey, Ty is using using a pair (larger) in his personal system.
He may build me a matching 18" sub using a built in
1000W amp. Should be outrageous!

They do not even have a name yet, but he is building
another pair for a good customer of his that ownes his
other speakers as well. I think they may be right up your alley,
if you can handle their size 5.5' tall...200lb ea.

99db...great with tubes!

Anyway, there is no info on his site yet, but thought
you may be interested in looking into them since they
will be priced in the range you are looking at.