Tyler Acoustics Reference Speaker

Does anyone have these? Can you tell me how they compare to other $6,000 speakers. Live in Florida and would love to hear them if at all possible. Thanks for any help on this matter
I have a pair of his Mini Monitor reference on loan from him right now. I can tell you this is the most detailed speaker I have heard. I did listen to his Taylo reference speaker just the other day and it sounds awesome. I am having him build me the Mini-Monitor and a sub. He does not use cheap parts anywhere in his speaker. That is a fact because I talk to him regularly and have been to his shop many times. He can build you whatever you want. With other manufacturers you are not sure what your getting. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me. Sam98d6@aol.com
Has anyone compared the Chord spm1200c against any of the Spectron products? Thanks for your help.
I've heard these in Owensboro, KY, and they sounded good enough for me to order a pair. I was looking for a speaker as smooth, detailed, dynamic, spacious, and non-fatiguing as the Silverline Sonatas but with more extended bass. Bass limitations were also the problem with the Joseph RM50si and some Totems whose model I don't remember. NHT's were bright, Aerials were muffled. The Legacy Signature 3, which I preferred to the Focus (these had excessive mid- bass, making them sound far too 'rich'), was accurate, but not musical, and had a flawed soundstage, especially with respect to depth. I haven't had a chance to audition the VMPS's in this price range. The best speaker that I found was the Revel Salon, and the Taylo's gave the closest approximation at the $6000 price point. Tyler just started building mine: if you can wait about two months for construction, shipping, set-up, burn-in, and evaluation, I'll give you a full review.