Tweeter replacement

Hello all , I started a post earlier in the speaker section. The post was about finding a speaker that the treble would be more pleasing to my frequent headaches. someone posted to find a speaker with a silkdome tweeter .

I have some paradigm studio 40's v2 from around 2002. I also have some polk sda srs 2's . i noticed the screw pattern was the same on both tweeters and the housing is identical in size. Can i replace the tweeters on the paradigm with the polk silk dome ones.
Even it you could it is unlikely you would get the sound you want; the crossover is set up for the other tweeter.
Stanwal is right...will probably mess up driver integration. BUT, you might want to try it if it's a simple swap out. If it sounds better, hey, why not.
Maplegrovemusic - I've done that in Paradigm studio 60s V2 using the best soft dome tweeter I could afford - Morel Supreme 110. I put a lot of effort and time into it to fail at the end. I've spent endless hours modifying crossover (using expensive capacitors and copper tape inductors) but it is just impossible. Setting L-Pad to proper level got me a lot of sibilants on some records or HDTV stations. I replaced Paradigms with Hyperion HPS-938 and it is like day and night - smooth, with extended highs and absolutely no sibilants on any CD or HDTV station (with exactly the same gear). Midrange is to die for and lows have natural attack and decay.

My Paradigms are in storage (basement) since I cannot sell them. My advice - do it.