TVC + Altmann amp?

Hi there, great site and my first post. I am intrigued by the Altmann BYOB amp for use with my Avantgarde Duo Omega speakers (108dB/W). My equipment is housed in an adjacent room to the speakers so I really need remote control of at least volume. This would mean using the Altmann amp with the volume control wide open. I would welcome your views on how successful this would be, particularly with something like the TAP TVC.
You'll have to use an active preamp. Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio says it is inadvisable to use two passive volume controls in series.
Incidentally, I had the loan of an Altmann Attraction DAC for about a week. Charles Altmann seems to know what he is doing. It was the finest digital I've ever heard. I'll bet his amplifier is astonishing. Wish I could use one.
Rockettiii, take a look at my review on the Bent Tap here on the GON for details regarding its' performance. Also, are you aware that for at least right now John Chapman is not building the Tap because of the stupid choice of S&B who used to provide the transformers to him.
Thanks Macrojack for your advice. I have concerns about using 2 passive devices and I have just received an email from Charles Altmann where he advises that the pot on his unit can be ignored because it would be fully open. I see what he means but would like to know of others experience before I consider purchasing.

Teejay - that's blown that idea out anyway!
Because the Sig 30 has only one input, I use a Purest Audio Design passive pre with 4 inputs as an input switcher. After I read Vinnie's advice, I bypassed the switcher and ran straight into the Sig. Big difference in terms of clarity and energy in the music. I'm going to buy Vinnie's switchbox and get rid of the Purest. Incidentally I liked using the Purest because it has dual volume pots which allowed for balance adjustment but even with both pots wide open, the compromise was evident. Too bad.
I had the BYOB with my Duo Omegas and tried it with the DAC straight to the BYOB and with my Placette passive RVC in-between.

With the BYOB wide open I could only use a few steps on the Placette before it was too loud. I had to turn down the volume on the BYOB to use this combo. I didn't feel like I lost anything doing it this way as opposed to the DAC straight into BYOB and using the BYOB vol ctrl.

I sold the BYOB because it could not match my DIY tube amp. The bass was tighter but not as tuneful, the high end a bit more extended but ultimately it just didn't sound as natural as my amp. I suppose that may be due to harmonics generated in my amp. The Altmann sounded very good and I see why people like it, but my amp sounds like music and the Altmann sounds like a great stereo.

Love the DAC though.
I am using an Altmann Attraction DAC and BYOB amp with an Avantgarde Trio. Four days ago I connected/bought a Promitheus Ref5 TVC with some options between the two with Acrolink Mexcel cables. After running this system for roughly 100 hours I can say that this TVC works perfectly well in this config. I can second Herman's statement that there is only the first few position of the volume pot which is really useable for more domestic volume, but this setup keeps all the best part of the now famous Altmann sound, the coherence, the inviting tone and the entertaining, engaging rhytmyc capability did not change to the worst, but I got better dynamics and more grip from my system, then the straight Altmann to Altmann connection.

I changed to the Altmann amp from a very expensive Audio Note (original Kondo) Kageki using it for more than 6 years, and could not been happier with the change. I own the Altmanns more than a year ago, got a chance to compare the amp to lots of other tube amps in my system, and it is quite strange that in my system only the DIY tube amp owners heard their design better than the Altmann, ordinary tube amp owners not :-).
I will take delivery of the Altmann amp next week. I'll try it with the pre-amp output from my Avantgarde Model 5 amp and let you know how I get on. I'll then decide whether to go the TVC route. Thanks for your replies.
Rocketiii - I want to congratulate you for being adventurous. I'm sure you will be glad you took this step. It gets tiresome reading about the same old tired brand names month after month in the publications and in these discussions. In my opinion, too few of us step out and discover what else is available.
Please write a followup about your experience.
I have recently been experimenting with just this situation. I have the Attraction DAC and BYOB amp. Best I have ever owned or heard. A kind and generous Audio Circle member loaned me a TVC they were not using and I put it in between the two Altmann pieces. I turned the volume on the BYOB knob from its starting place (about 6:00) to about 9:30. I was then able to use maybe the first 6 or 7 steps on the TVC.

It worked okay. I did feel a slight sense that something was in the chain that was not there before, but it was not necessarily a bad thing. That said, I was happier without anything in the middle.

I can understand that some people may need a pre of some kind because they have multiple inputs or use a sub, and for them the TVC is probably one of the best things you can put in between the Altmann pieces. But if you don't absolutely have to, I still believe you are better off without an extra link in the chain.

Just so people know, one does not need ultra efficient speakers with this amp. This amp used to drive my VR-4JR's with no problem whatsoever. The battery power makes it capable of effectively driving even moderately efficient speakers. It also presents an absolutely crystalline view of everything upstream of itself. Great synergy between the two I feel.

There are some pictures of this set-up at my system thread if your interested.
Hi Macrojack - I got the Altmann BYOB amp and have been using for a week now (not as much as I'd like as I'm recovering from an operation). Anyway, I connected the amp direct to my Tom Evans Groove Plus and fired her up. Initially I found the sound to be quite similar to my Avantgarde Model 5 amp but somehow more relaxing to listen too. The bass is really solid and tuneful, mid range is very natural and top end slightly less emphasised.

So in summary I think the Altmann is terrific value and drives the Duo's to ear-splitting sound levels if you wish. But the funny thing is that I can't really be worried to listen to all the hi-fi criteria, I'm just enjoying the music.

Anyway, you said I'm adventurous and I am - I've ordered the Attraction DAC with all options. Charles Altmann emailed me today to say he'd shipped it so I'll post a further update once it arrives.

(T/T is Avid Acutus/SME V / Dynavector 17D3)
Rocketiii: Good luck on your recovery. I think you will continue to enjoy the
Altmann and all it can do. Definitely post your impressions once you get the
DAC in place and have had some hours on both pieces. Your in for a treat.