TV Image Size when using Sony S570 DVD

I just purchased the Sony DVP-S570D DVD Player and connected it to my Sony 32" XBR Vega TV. The image size on the TV is rectangular with line space above and below the actual picture. I made some adjustments to the Sony but still have space above and below on the TV. Is this normal? How can I get the Sony DVD player to fill the Sony TV 32" screen? Thanks.......
Your TV has a 4X3 aspect ratio.You are probably playing a widescreen (16X9 aspect ratio) DVD. This will give you the "letterbox" look. You can check your set up menu on the DVD player and make sure it is set to 4X3. This should solve some of your problems, but be careful, some DVD's have two sides, one for 4X3 "Full Screen" the other for Widescreen 16X9. Also, some DVD's are "Anamorphic",which is also "Enhanced for Widescreen" and sometimes you will get the bars no matter what. Good luck.
If you have a XBR250 or the 400, your crt will rerastorize so even though you'll still have the black bars on top and bottom, you're not wasting any lines of resolution.