TV and Tube gear.

I have a Jolida integrated amp and I would like to use it with an older Mitsubishi TV. I tried connecting the TV into the AUX input of the Jolida and this created an audible rumble.

Is there an inexpensive device to correct the problem?

Is there a tubed AV pre-amp/line level that I can insert between the Jolida and the TV that will cure the compatibly problem?
You have a ground loop caused by components that are grounded at different potentials. If you have cable TV, that's the most likely candidate.

Connect a pair of 75->300 ohm Baluns back to back, and put that in the cable line.
If isolating the CATV's ground doesn't cure this (just disconnect the CATV to determine if that's the actual cause) then try isolating the TV's audio ground from your audio system's ground. If that's the cause of hum then you'll need a pair of inexpensive audio balancing transformers, which can be found at car audio shops & supplies. I ususlly find them as two transformers built into a single package with four short cables dangling out (two in's & two out's) color coded for left & right channel.
Thank you all very much. I will give it all a try.