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I am looking for the some suggestions for a wall shelf for a TW Acustic Raven One. One option is Pagode Signature Wall, but this is 60 centimeter deep. I am looking for a shelf which should be approx. 50 centimeter deep. This is due to the placement of the shelf.

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For both cost effectiveness and the most rigidity, Target has always been my choice. They come in two sizes. I prefer the larger shelf size regardless (for rigidity and versatility.) If you can anchor to masonry, so much the better. Otherwise, lag screws directly into the wood framing! Of course, if you want the VERY BEST($$$), get a Billy Bags -- which you can order custom to any size. With all wall shelves, you can add Stillpoints, cones or other mechanical diodes directly under the TT if it seem appropriate (usually not with a TT like a Raven) The 'shelf' part of the wallshelf needs to be non-resonant. The Target shelf comes with a high-density MDF shelf which by itself is not the greatest (wood, all by itself, is resonant) however, you can easily (and cheaply!) make a constrained layer, non resonant shelf, by laminating the supplied MDF shelf to an identical piece of MDF with a 1/8" thick layer of aluminum in between. Use an epoxy resin glue to avoid "creep" between the layers.

Here is the latest Target shelf.http://www.needledoctor.com/Target-Wall-Shelf-PRO-2-shelf You may not need this two-shelf version, however, if you have room for it, the large height of the wall-mount frame, along with the truss reinforced shelves will provide you with the ultimate in rigidity - and that's what using a wall shelf is all about (not, excuse me, Scandinavian design ;-) Here is the single shelf version.http://www.needledoctor.com/Target-Wall-Shelf-PRO?sc=2&category=209

Pagode Signature wall shelf? Wood = not good ;-) Ball bearing de-coupling = give me a break. Their metal wall mounting plate is too narrow = poor rigidity! $2000? Outrageous for a lot of nothing!


USA ;-)
Ditto on the one shelf Target. I have an earlier model, much like the current one, and it has served me well for at least 10 years. Anchor it firmly to the wall.
Agree with Neil and Travis regarding the Target Pro 2.
It looks to be a great shelf for little money.

The Raven One as you know is heavy and with the design of the pro 2 with the second shelf this would be the perfect place for the motor speed control ect.

Looking at the Pro 2 an added feature for such a weight is the lower cross bar that I assume a second row of lag bolts could be used, this would be sensible thing to do.

Depending what type of construction your home is you may need to install proper backing in the wall for all the lag bolts to securely fasten into.
If you have to open the wall to install backing material you could think about using some damping material inside the wall itself before you close it back up.

Also for your Raven I would highly recommend some added vibration control even with the factory StillPoint feet and wall mount shelf.

Look at Vibraplane and SRA, Silent Running Audio, they work and work very well.
This will give some extra life to music something the Raven needs out of the box and something you will greatly appreciate with your favorite music.
The Target Rack is OK. I have the two shelf version which I just bought a month ago. I believe they are now made in Asia and are not the same as they were before (like gauge of steel is thinner now). For the money, it should do the job. I'm sure there are far better out there, but you'll pay for them. One thing I would considering doing one day is pulling it off the wall and drilling holes in the tubes and foam filling. It rings like a SOB.
soundfooting inc,solid oak wall mounts,superb quality,
will hold up to 700lbs.
I have one and I have a Clearaudio champion II with a
Symposium shelf under the TT.
Weight wise ,roughly 95lbs or better.The shelf has real nice arches that the shelf sits on and then the Ultra and TT.
they look like a very nice pc. of sculpted shelving.
If you want something that looks superb and can handle weight,she's worth a look.

Thanks :)

I am also looking at adding a HRS M3 Isolation base on the shelf. The HRS is used by Brinkmann, and the Scandinavian distributor of TW reccommended this as the Raven likes granite below its stillpoints.

What do you think?

Cheeers, ToffenG
A piece of granite will always ring, just like glass, UNLESS it's thickness is approximately 1/3 it's longest unsupported dimension.

I forgot the Raven has built-in Stillpoints. You simply need to set them on something utterly inert to any kind of resonance or mechanical vibration. My favorite is concrete. If you want to make it pretty, you can grind the surface, just like they do with kitchen countertops.
I have a Target Pro and used a couple of gate latches to add strength (hooked around the top bar). I put my Nottingham 294 with heavy kit on it on some Finite Elemente Ceraball isolators. A small bowl of water on the plynth did not show any rings (movement) when I jumped up and down on my wood (springy) floor next to it. For a $200 wall stand, I doubt you can do better.