Turntable Upgrade Suggestions

Turntable Upgrade Suggestions:

I am looking to upgrade my turntable. My current system consists of:
Rega P3-24 TTU PS
Rega RB301 Tonearm
Benz Wood SM
Asthetix Rhea Phono
Audio Research SP-16 - Holland NOS Tubes
Audio Research VS-110
Audio Research CD 3Mk II
Vandersteen Quattro’s

This year I upgraded to the cartridge and phono stage listed. Each has made significant improvements. I am only looking to make another change that would be significant.

I have been considering the Basis 2200 and potentially the Raven One. I will either use the Rega tonearm on the Basis or an Ortofon AS-212s on the Raven. I will not have the funds to purchase a higher quality tonearm for a long while.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome.


Clearaudio Performance Magnum, VPI The Classic, Technics SP10 mkII - your choice of tonearm, Sota Nova (your choice of arm, again)
I moved my RB300 from a Planar 3 to a Michell Gyro and was very happy with the combo. A Michell dealer should be able to throw in the Michell VTA adjuster. I did eventually upgrade the arm to an SME 309.
There is a Basis 2001 with Graham 1.5 arm listed for $2600. I have a similar one except my arm is a 1.5 that has been upgraded to 2.2. This is a very good combination.Two of my friends have Ravens, they are also very good tables at a significantly higher price.
Unless Basis has changed things, you're Rega arm will need to be modified to use on a Basis table. It is a sleeve that is epoxied over the threads. This makes it pretty much a one-way change, but on their tables it is a much better solution.
Well Tempered Amadeus?
I second the Well Tempered Amadeus. You get a great TT and tonearm that IMHO competes very well with and in some ways betters my Basis Signature 2500/Vector 4 tonearm combo.

I will third the Amadeus. I've had mine for about three weeks now, and it is the best source I've ever had in my system. It is just terrific.