Turntable Stand

I need some recommendations, or at least a starting point, to research turtable stands. Thanks all, and Happy Tunes!
How much are you willing to spend? Sound Anchors makes a very solid 3 shelf stand and the top one which is set up to accomodate turntables works very well and looks great.
what turntable are you going to be setting up? i'll get back to you once i know this...dusty akers
The simple Target or Rega turntable shelf that is wall mounted is better than many of the exotic floor mounted stands as the vibration path from speakers and footfalls is drastically minimized. They also have less mass than the exotics so tend to release, not store, energy when excited. They are also quite cost effective.
Here are some requirements for consideration: I don't want to use a wall shelf, as the only location for mounting would be a corner too close to the speaker (possible standing wave feedback). Thanks anyway, Viridian! I am using an SME 10 turntable. I don't want to use a regular stand as a tube amp will have to fit under it. Thanks though, Franklapdog!
You didn't tell us what kind of turntable it is. The type of suspension will have a large effect on the recommendation if a floor stand is the only option. For suspended tables I like the Sound Organization stand. It may or may not fit your tube amp, again, the model of the tube amp would be helpful. And this stand is rather low so that may be an issue. More info is called for.
I am using a Sound Organisation Z545 rack to support a 50lb. Sota Saphire turntable. Very solid rack with spiked feet, glass shelf on rubber feet over a steel frame. No vibration or wobble. Very effective. Retail cost is $290.00 through Audio Advisor.
Hi Fatparrot. I am having a TT stand build especially for me to hold my VPI Aries TT. It is being custom constructed by a person very much into room acoustics and stablization systems.....and the best part is he is resonable. E-mail me (rdaversa@fragomen.com) and I can hook you up with him. Can't promise too much since he is just starting out and works on a tight budget and works in NJ.

Good luck!
Depending on the weight of your setup, an excellent isolation stand is the Machina Dynamic Nimbus. Check out www.machinadynamica.com or give Jeff Kait, the maker, a call, he's a good guy. They are kinda Flintstones looking, but work extremely well for tt's and/or digital.
If price is no object then this gets easy. The Ric-Rax stands are both effective and, IMHO, drop dead gorgous. Unfortunatly, the price may cause you to drop dead. Around $3000 depending on options.
Whatever you will buy, it is extremely depending on your turntable. You can't compare a Rega with a Verdier. Same is with the stands for it.
Buy a turntable and then you have to look for this equipment.
Otherwise it is useless....
I only use "Billy Bags" racks for all my audio and video gear...Solid build and great looks...
My Basis 2500 is on their "new" turntable rack and it looks and sounds wounderful!