Turntable rumble/Hum problem/s

Before outlining the problem, let me list the equipment involved -

Marantz PM-11S2 Int. amp with internal phono stage.
Denon DP-59L TT - Grado Prestige Series Cartridge.
Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers - Rel 305 sub.
Phonomena II phono preamp.
KAB Rumble Filter.

Now for the problem/s -

When utilizing the Marantz internal phono stage, there is TT rumble. I am pretty sure the rumble is a result of the table being too close to one of the speakers. However, the placement of the speakers/turntable cannot be changed.
The sound is great but there is constant in/out movement of the speaker's woofers. NO HUM problem though. The Marantz integrated does not have a HT pass through/processor loop; and, according to KAB, the filter cannot be used.

Using the Phonomena phono stage allows for the use of the KAB filter which eliminates the rumble but causes a low but audible hum when the arm comes into contact with the LP. The connections for this setup are TT to Phonomena inputs with proper grounding/phonomena outputs to KAB inputs/KAB outputs to line level amp input.

If I use the phonomena into amp line inputs witout the filter, the rumble is there as well as the hum.

Ideas and/or suggestions as to how to solve the problem are greatly appreciated. Tks.
If the "rumble" is really associated with the physical relationship of the speaker to the turntable then its not rumble, its feedback and the only real solution is to move the speaker or the table. OTOH, the hum is clearly not associated with the phono stage and my guess is that its the Grado, which is known to be prone to hum w certain tables.
When I lived in a different state, I got a very slow in and out movement of the woofer cones which was traced to the cables picking up radar from a nearby airport. When I used shielded speaker cables, the woofers stopped pumping and draining power from my amp.