tubes for Sophia Baby amp


I am looking for a new set of tubes for my Sophia Baby amp. Does anyone know of a good source for tubes (6P1T and 5760) that are better than the Sophia stock tubes? Any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Try Andy Bowman @ Vintage Tube Services (616)-454-3467. He is honest, reputable, and knowledgable. He might know. Good Luck!
Dvu969, Do you find the tubes you look for? I have the same question and I would appretiate sharing your experience.

Sophia Electric did have supplied the best vintage NOS driver tubes for Baby Amplifier. So save your money for a pair of good speakers or a good cd player/DAC.

Yes, there is WE 396A available at $100+ a pair, but the amplifier was design and voiced with GE and 6P1T for best sound, why mess up the factory carefully voiced great sound by looking for wild tubes?!

The Baby Amplifiers are something special! Not those mass produced amps could compare. Those who have compared would know.

Sophia Electric has a special for 6P1T tubes for Baby Amplifier, email me for detail