Tube Setup Question

I am currently running nine Emotiva mono blocks in a 9.2 HT setup. I find myself listening much more to two channel audio then I do watching movies. My front speakers are Mirage OMD-28's. I would like to put together a tube amp/preamp setup (or maybe integrated tube amp) for my two channel listening.

I don't want to buy another pair of speakers. Is there a way I can use my fronts for HT AND the tube two channel?

In addition, I want to be able to use one of the subs off the tube preamp/integrated amp. Is this possible as well? I haven't seen any tube preamps with a sub out!

I've read about a HT passthrough, but I think that would require me to run the tube amp/preamp while I'm watching a movie. I'm not too keen on doing that as it would dramatically shorten tube life I would suspect.

Essentially, I'm looking for the best of both worlds. Two channel listening is with the tube amp/preamp (or integrated) with one of my powered subs and then HT is with my Emotiva's and Onkyo and two powered subs.

Not sure this is possible....

My preamp is the Onkyo 5508.
Source is Oppo-95, Squeezebox, Mac Mini, Rega Rp3 TT.

Hi...i re-read your post a few times. i think you can do a few things:

1. CJ tube preamps have HT doubt others do as well.
2. You can run the sub from your CJ preamp which usually has 2 sets of RCA outs...1 to amp and the other to sub

What you may not be able to do without some constant changes:

1. Use 2 different amps for your fronts. If you wish to use tube pre/tube amp for 2-channel...then unless you disconnect the tube amp from your will end up driving them via your tube

The good news is if you do the math...average tube life is 3,000-5,000 hours...some more, some less. That is a few years of use...and further if you add up how many hours of movie watching you do a week and multiple by probably are not shortening the years of use by that much.

In the end, for the sound quality, and may just decide to enjoy your tube equipment!
I'm running Audio Research tube pre/amp and using the pass through function for home theatre with no issues. Also, as the LS25m2 pre has two sets of balanced outs, I'm running 2 JL110 subs for music out of it. My H/T processor sub out is split and also feeds the JL subs through the "right" channel inputs on each sub. Best of all worlds. If I'm watching news or primarily voice/mono programming on TV, I'll shut off the pre/amp and just let the SS amp drive the center channel without L/R channels. Very convenient solution.
Very good ideas. Thanks guys.

Another quick question. My fronts have an efficiency rating of 87db. I like to listen to my music loud - very loud. What would be the minimum watts/channel I should be looking for in a tube setup? Would 55 suffice or am I more into the line of 75 or 150? I'm looking at some of the BAT stuff, but can't figure out if they have HT bypass.