7.1 setup with DPLIIx, SACD, DVD-A anyone?

Has anybody experienced 7.1 set up with DPLIIx, SACD, DVD-A?

Especially the DPLIIx?

How's it compared to conventional 2ch setereo?

What speaker packages, amps, and processors?
I have used surround sound for 30 years, never stopped.
I use the DPL IIx Music with a Yamaha RX Z9 in 6.2 mode and a center channel and prefer it for 2 channel Redbook. I do not find that it helps with vinyl, but digital two channel sources do very well with DPL IIx Music, and the derived center channel is excellent in my opinion, especially for vocals and center stage solos. Others like Meridian Trifield, but the entry ticket is steep. The DPL IIx is common in most home theatre receivers nowadays and does a great job in my estimation. I find it much better than conventional two channel stereo.