Need Help with CD/DAC setup

I'm looking at the Music Hall-cdac-15.3
On paper it looks like something I could be interesting in.
However, I'm having trouble understanding the dac setup.
I understand that the analog outs would connect to my amp and I could use the CD.
Here's where everything gets blurry for me. The dac portion has optical and coaxial inputs, where I could connect my Wadia transport. But it only has a single coaxial digital out. My amp only has L/R inputs.
Am I missing something or I simply can't utilize the music hall dac?
Thanks for any help.
The analog outputs would carry the audio signal to the left and right inputs on your amp, for both internal CD playback as well from the digital inputs if you connect your Wadia transport to one of the digital inputs of the MH. The DAC is being used for the integrated CD player as well as for any digital inputs connected. The digital output is only used if you have another external DAC or digital device that you wish to connect to it. Hope this helps!
Thanks Bill,
So my amp will default simply to what ever unit (either CD or Wadia} is turned on?
Yes that is correct Mark the only reason to use the digital outs is to send a pure digital signal to a separate decoder of some sort. Otherwise your unit outputs the cd your playing or the cd in the Wadia through the analog outputs.
The amp will play whichever source you select on the MH, either the internal CD player or your Wadia transport when you select the digital input that you have connected it to.