Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?


I’ve seen some folks using Tube Preamps with Solid State Am ps. I’m thinking of doing that with my system as part of an incremental change. I currently have a Parasound P5 preamp with a Parasound A21 driving Klipsch Cornwall 4’s. Will a decent / good Tube Preamp really make a difference in my sound? I enjoy what I have now but really want to experience Tubes in my system. Thanks!
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Had to for the last 45 years or so...built a Hafler 500 from a kit in 1974 or so and have been using CL-32 Luxman preamps on it since then.  Both CL-32's finally gave up...evidently no matter how much I paid, and I paid a lot, they don't seem to be fixable by so-called "experts."  Whatever.  Hard to believe people charge you to fail, but that is today's world, I guess.  In my shop, if I could not fix it, it was free no matter how much time I spent on it.  Failure is failure--not these days based on current events, obviously.

Got a used SP-6 two months ago, and BOY, what an immediate improvement in every phase of the listening experience (I kind of knew it would be...).

Now, looking for a used ARC power amp (tube, not hybrid) and an EC-21 crossover (kind of hard to find) so I can bi-amp with the Hafler on the bottom and the ARC on top for my T-1-C speakers.

Not a bad idea, and worked OK for me for a long time.

Not all tube preamplifiers sound the same. Some sound very syrupy and (too) lush and others sound crisp and with just a touch of tube warmth. The quality of the sound will ultimately depend on how the (tube) preamp pairs with the upstream and downstream electronics, choice of tubes, cables, the speakers and of course the room. The best advice is to try a few in your system and decide for yourself. Or if that’s not an option, first decide what aspect of the current sound quality you’d like to improve, e.g., too clinical, bright, etc., and rely on people’s experience on which brand/model provides the element you’re missing. For example, if you're looking for a lush tubey sound character, I think most agree that the older Conrad Johnson preamplifiers are well suited for that sort of sound. By contrast, the newer Audio Research preamps tend to be more neutral. 
My Cayin H80A does justice to the notion of a tube pre driving ss power albeit in a ’hybrid integrated’. And I have also discovered rolling those preamp tubes makes significant differences, confirming for me how good or bad an effect the tube pre section can have.

I can therefore highly recommend as others have here; I would otherwise try separates with a decent balanced tube pre driving solid state mono blocs connected as close as possible to the speakers.

However, I am also just as curious to try just the opposite; namely a decent solid state preamp driving tube mono bloc power amps. Any ideas?
The fellow w/ Daniel Hertz M6L Pre with the Wavac M805 is actually doing it in reverse .  He’s using SS Pre W/ Wavac tube amps.  His Gear so nice it couldn’t sound bad:).   Right now I’m running Class A Omtec CA-25V3 Solid State  Amps with an Uesugi U Bros1 tube Preamp to Drive my ESL Solution’s refurbished Quad 57’s.   It’s the best mating I’ve ever had on the 57’s going back 30 years.
If you just want to dip a toe in tube waters you could add a simple Tube Buffer.In a basic system such as yours it would make an immediate & positive impact on the tone,imaging & staging,cost about $100.00 +-...