tube preamp for Mark levinson

has anyone use a tube preamp with a mark levinson amp ( 335 or 336 ) with good result.
equipments- B& W matrix 801 III, and Martin logan request, sony scd
music- classical-piano/ orchestral and jazz

I wouldn't encourage you to go in that direction unless the preamp had very low output impedance -- 100 ohms or less in the RCA mode -- AND the interconnect between the two components was very short -- two meters or less. Trying to run a solid-state amp from a toooob pre will generally give you an overly smooooth sound with limited dynamics, roll-off of both frequency extremes and shrinking soundstage -- that is if you're on the "not recommended" side of the above guidelines.
Best of luck,
My experience does not follow Joe's logic.
I use a BAT VK50SE into Levinson 33H monos. Very synergistic combo. Ive tried numerous tube and solid state preamps in my system and the 50SE has been the best yet, all Levinson amps have the same input impedence, therefore your 336 should work fine with the BAT, however only your ears will tell the rest of the story. Good luck.

A1126- Check the input impedance of the amp. Ideally, the pre-amp (tube or ss) should have an output impedance of 1/100 of the amplifier input impedance or lower. This is "ideal". I've had good results at 20:1 with VERY short interconnects. A good tube pre-amp is essential in my system regardless of the amp. Just my .02
HI joe
have you compare your bat preamp with the stock ML preamp
mainly the 380s
what do you like or not like the 380s compare with the bat?