Tube Integrated for Spendor 3/5 ?

Finally got off the Shtick, and am building a 2nd system.
I have the Spendors, and was hoping one of the following int. amps will match nicely. LM 211 IA, Triode Trv-35SE.
I can hear both, but not with the Spendor.
I was using an Audio Space as-2i with Spendor 3/5/r2's. Nice combo. I think any el34 tube integrated would work well. Audio Space as-3i, Rogue Cronus, Primaluna Prologue 1 etc...
Thanks Meiwan- The Audio Space from Hong Kong has some real nice reviews.
I checked out the Triode Japan website, and there is a photo on the main page of Spendor/Triode together. That was quite interesting, perhaps they make a good match.