tube integrated for Harbeth under $2500

I am thinking about a foray into tube amplification; never been there before. I will be driving a pair of Harbeth Compact 7es3. I listen to classical, jazz, acoustic, and rock- 80% cd, 20% vinyl. I would like to keep the cost at $2500 or under.
Specific reasons for your suggestions based on what you have heard will be helpful.
Hi Valinar,

I have a pair of Harbeth SHL5 at home and I had the chance to hear many amplifiers with them this year. Recently, it was the Rogue Audio Cronus, a tube integrated, which my local audio shop borrowed me.

I already heard it in the past, both with SHL5 and Compact 7es3, because this store caries both of these brand and they often demo Harbeth speakers with Rogue amplifiers. This combination always impressed me. It's natural, zero listening fatigue, beauty of timbers, plenty of bass and lots of drive too.

The Cronus is an EL34 tubes based integrated amplifier with a good 55W of power. Retail price is $1795 in the USA. You can get one used on the Gon for about 30% less.

Hope you can audition it,

I've heard the Rogue and Jolida integrated amplifiers with Compact 7 and SHL5. If you are tube-centric and like pursuing nos tubes on the internet, either of those makes is just fine, but IMO similar watts from an LFD Mistral, Zero II, III integrated (granted supply is more scarce, but used slot under your $2500) is a path to real simplicity and pleasure without the negatives. fyi - I've owned and enjoy tube and SS systems.
I used a Vac Avatar Super on HL5's and they were absolutely excellent together.
I highly recommend Mastersound amps (hand built in Italy).
Several are available in your price range. I use the 300BSE with the SHL5 and really enjoy the combo. Dale, at Eugene Hi-Fi carries both Harbeth and Mastersound. Could be a good source.
Technically not tubes, but you might consider a Pathos Classic. Basically, a hybrid piece. Or, the Unico gear.

I use a Unico, love it with Harbeths.
I have to agree with Early. Mastersound amplifiers are amazing, and a stunning combo with Harbeth. Call Dale at Eugene Hifi. He is the best!