I am looking to add a tube amp to my system. My finalists include:

Cary Audio CAD 120-S

The rest of my system consists of Prima Luna Prologue 8 CDP, Dodd Audio Preamp, and the Salk SongTower speakers (with the LCY ribbon tweeter). Has anyone auditioned any or all of these amps? I would love to hear your impressions of each unit. Thanks in advance for your responses.
Don't get stuck in a rut about tubes. An article in this month's issue of Absolute Sound emphasizes the difference between amplifier class types and deempasizes the difference between tubes and SS. Tubes and SS recently have been getting closer in quality in sound. It's the class type that makes the difference. Antway if you are still gung ho on tubes, Joule Electra, Cary, and Prima Luna Dialogue in that order would get my vote.
what is the purpose of adding a tube amp ? is it to voice the system in a certain way, or to minimize inaccuracies.

most tube amps i have heard do not have a"tube-like" sound, so perhaps, you don't need a tube amp.
Thanks for the responses so far... I listen to a lot of female vocalist cd's... Sarah Vaughn, Ella, Nnenna Freelon,and others. I understand that reproducing the female voice is an area in which tube amps excel. Does anyone contest that notion? Mrtennis, which tube amps have you auditioned that you didn't feel were very tube-like?
i have auditioned consonance, audio research, conrad johnson, prima luna and have not heard the classic tube qualities which i associate with tube tube amplifiers of the 80's. the conrad johnson amps from the 80's and 70's do have that romantic and euphonic quality which is unlike the current production amps listed above.
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