tube amp suggestions

need some help getting started with tube amps. have a bat vk-3i and vonschweikert 4 gen 2, currently use ss. thinking rogue or vtl don't know many others
how much power do you feel you need? and your budget?
I own and know others who own Conrad-Johnson equipment. I have been very satisified with their performance, as well as the others I know. Look here on the 'Gon" for good deals on almost new equipment. Very good deals C-J equipment on the 'Gon' has two seperate listings....Conrad Johnson and Conrad-Johnson. Don't ask why.
Why not go with BAT for the amp as well? Others to consider; Conrad Johnson, Audio Research (not my favourite), Cary, Blue Circle (definitely my favourite).
~~~~My Sonic Frontiers Power 2SE and 3's always please me. Non tiring, delicate, refined, and big slam when you want it. Those big 88's just keep giving. Some real bargains going here lately.

Just The Facts
BAT would be good. YOu could run balanced all the way. I also listened to the VR-4 SEs driven my a Berning ZH-270 and thought that was a pretty good match. Prodigous bass and plenty of drive in a modest sized room.
For around 2500 a used Air Tight ATM2 (80 wpc) is a good choice.