Tube amp for Quad 989???

I'm looking for advice on getting a tube amp for my Quad 989's. My room size is 16x13x11. I'm looking to spend 1500-2500 used. I could go to 3000 if there was a compelling reason. I've been considering BAT, Quicksilver, and Manley.
First, Sea, SEARCH for this; I believe you'll find lots of info. I recommend the c-j Premier Eleven-A. At 70 WPC it has plenty of power. I had one and loved it but wanted triodes. I'm now driving my 989s in my fairly large room (21 x 19 x 9') with about 40 watts, and member Peter S is driving his 988s with 45-Watts-in-triode Cary SLM70s.
Best amplifiers in your price range on the quads in my experience.

The Quad Mono's
VTL Mono 125
and still my favorite
YBA Passion Integre', is the perfect amp for the Quads.
I second jefferybehr's suggestion.
What I would do is probably get rid of the QUADS.
Maybe so, Jordi, but we don't care what YOU think of Quad 988s and 989s; WE love 'em.
They are a funny speaker...
Where's the beef???
Great if all you like is chamber music
"Great if all you like is chamber music"
I think, most think that, because most don't use the right amp for them. Some time ago I listened to ESL 63 and it was driven from a FM Acoustics and it was simply unbelievable. Very loud, very holographic and very fast.
I think, OTL amps are the other design which works very well with these.
I ended up getting the Quicksilver V4. It sounds fantastic. Listening enjoyment is a very personal thing. What makes me happy may be completely different than someone else. I've been a hobbiest for almost 30 years. I find the Quads to suit my taste better than anything I have heard. Candidly I don't listen to chamber music. I tend to listen to Jazz, Acoustic Blues, vocals, and the QUADS are perfect for me.
I'm using the Pre in my YBA and it works great. This way I can also have a great Solid State and Tube option.
Hello; I own 988's and have ordered 989's. I currently drive the system with the mid fi 99 CD_P, 99 pre and 909 amp. Thought about the quad QC24 with the new monoblocks but the comments I have read, are "mixed" to the point that I may want to avoid. Would you care to comment from your experiences? thanks.

There is a special synergy between the Quads & ARC amps - the older ones not the VT100. The Quad's are not easy to drive correctly since their impedance curve starts off above 30 ohms down low and dips down to ~2 ohms at the top end. Use the 16 ohm tap from either a D115 or D70 and you'll have no problems with wieght or volume. I think most people who complain about the Quads have never heard them properly driven.
Synergy is right, and I have more than I ever imagined. Bought a pair of Antique Sound Labs 805 DT 50-Watt SETs. WOW. Connected to the 8-Ohm terminals, the system plays as loudly as I can stand with large-scale classical music. When my GEA-friend first heard the system, his jaw dropped open.
Impedance of the speakers is a huge factor in my experience. I tried the VAC 110/110, ARC VS55, and CJ MV60 and 60SE before settling on the EAR 890. A great combination for the 988s, and I would assume for the 989s as well.
Hi I have a amazing amp for those speakers........58 watts per channel...10HZ to 100,000HZ frequency range and with custom design circutry by Sam's Audio Labs.... It is a Citation 2 amp rebuilt by Sam himself..... take a look at the pictures here

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