Tube Amp for about a grand?

i just built audionote kits el34 40wpc. I need more power for my vandersteen 2ce. is it possible to find a nice quality tube amp for about a grand that may have 80wpc? i used a Mcalister 150 in my last system. if I could only find another . . .
Is it possible to run 2 of the audionotes as mono amps?
Check with Frank Van Alstine.
I have a Jolida 502P which works beautifully with my Magneplanar 1.7's.  I got the model with  the factory upgrades for just a little over your number.  It originally came with Tungsol 6550's and sounded great with those.  I recently installed KT 150's - mo' better.
the el34s are monos. sorry