Tube amp coffee table book

Hi guys,

Random question. I visited a dealer a while back who had a wonderful "picture book" of modern tube amps on his coffee table for display. Does anyone know what this might have been? It had some great pictures of Shindo, Air Tight, etc, with long descriptions. A google search for "tube amplifier books" isn't bringing anything up. Ideas?

Many thanks.
It isn't 'The Tube Amp Book'?

Search that title on amazon for a description.
Why not call the dealer? It`s probably not on a "need to know basis."

Sadly I don't remember the dealer's name. A friend and I stopped by on a whim and just took a quick look around.

It's not "the tube amp book". Thanks though.
How many dealers are out there? Ask around. I'd like to know also.
Hello -

This is the book you are looking for.. cool pics on various gear, including Shindo's beautiful equipment.

Matt Rotunda
That's the one! Thanks very much, Matt.