TT cables, Need help

Need advice or suggestions on IC's for my Pro-ject RPM1 turntable. Also, should cables going from TT to phono stage be the same as going from the phono stage to amp be the same?
Budget is $150 for 1m length.
Audioquest Jaguar. The shielding is exceptional, and the DBS system makes break in take a lot less time than the average cable. It also keeps the cable broken in for longer periods of time in between uses. SQ is extremely good for the price. I have other cables that are 3x to 4x more expensive and the Jaguar is just as good, and even better in some areas. (Going by retail prices)
Shielded cables are good if and only if you need them. Shields tend to make cables sound closed in - less open..less good.
Stringreen, based on your thesis, what would you recommend?
What are you currently using?
I recommend them because I use the same cables myself, in the same application. My VPI has the same type of RCA block as the OP's TT. I have many other cables, but I like the AQ's best. The only difference, is that depending on the phono pre, I sometimes use the AQ Cheetah between my TT and phono pre only. Its same cable as the Jaguar, but silver. I didn't mention it because you probably cant find one for $150. Also, it doesn't always sound better, so there's some risk involved. Not so with the Jaguar. I don't think I could get that cable to sound bad if I tried. If you can't demo, its a very safe choice.
Take a look at Anticables 2.2 Performance Series.

I would use them throughout.

Their architecture is perfect for TT use, but get the screened version from the TT to the phono stage.