Triode Wire Labs Digital-American Power Cord

I've never written listening notes as quickly as I did after I put in these PCs. And it was legible to boot.
These TWL PCs from Pete are the best investment I've made in quite some time. I say that because unlike what I've spent on speaker cables, interconnects, conditioners and the like, these two PCs set me back a grand and I don't regret it one bit. That is an investment, but so well worth it, and a stone cold bargain compared to what's being charged out there. 

What good is a great amp or SACD player if you don't (not can't) extract all that is intended from it? When you limit your choices on PCs, you start looking elsewhere for improvements and can end up spending much more than needed to since a "better" pair of speakers or a new amp or source will most certainly set you back more than a decent PC.

The first thing I noticed, like a slap in the face, was just how rolled off my highs were. Everyone comments on how substantial the bass improvement is when getting better PCs but it was the highs that first caught my attention. Open, airy, shiny and shimmering highs with distinct wavering on cymbals as they decayed. That metallic upsetting of the keys of a xylophone along with the note itself. There was a reduction of sibilance with female vocals right down to just what naturally occurs. Piano keys were more percussive as you can now clearly hear the strings struck before the soundboard floats the notes. It's amazing just how essential the highs are to all notes as without them, harmonics and overtones become truncated. I've been in the dark too long.

The above were my impressions with just my SACD player being fed by the TWL PC. With my integrated, everything became more robust but without the bombast. There are now higher levels of presence with very solid underpinnings. I can now appreciate more artistry and intent in the playing with the clearest separation of instruments. 

Down in the bass, everything is much tighter and refined, and Pete told me to give a few hundred hours and then tell him about it. These PCs are like an audio bathysphere, taking me down deep into the audio ocean for a really clear look at just what lurks down there. Nothing is artificially magnified, just focused, controlled, tuneful and toned. Big when it needs to be, subtle and distinct when called for. The only limits to the bass are from my monitor but until I live in a bigger space, I won't need a sub.

Needless to say, the silence between notes and cuts can be deafening as everything now stands out, leaving only a kind of inky black between. To paraphrase Downey's character in Sherlock Holmes: "I hear everything, it's my curse." It's most apropos. 

Before I sign off, let me address the construction of these PCs. They're beautifully made with connectors that border on eye candy. They somehow assist in quelling noise, both digital and vibrations in ways that are beyond me but if what I'm hearing is correct, it's working. Give Pete a call, there's really no downside as you have 30 days to audition them but as he told me, no one really returns them. :-)

Back with further listening news and all the best,

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Thanks for sharing.  The PC's are nicely constructed and terminated with world's best connectors - Furutech.  
Happy listenging!

I own the Digital American it is an awesome product. 

To say they are awesome would have saved folk a lot of reading, but it's true. :-)

Yes, those Furutechs are the snuggest fitting connectors I’ve used. It takes just a bit more effort to insert them and once you let go, nothing happens, unlike every other IEC I’ve used that settles and leans downward with the weight of the cable.
All that’s missing is an audible ’click’. :-)

On another musical note, I’m tempted to order the Digital-American High Power version (7 gauge vs. 10 gauge) on my integrated. Pete recommended it but I stuck with the 10 gauge. Maybe there’s more power to mine but for now it’s really nice.

All the best,
I have 2 HP Digital Americans on my NCore monoblocks, a Digital American on my DAC and CD Transport, a 10+ on my preamp and a 7+ feeding my PI Audio UberBuss power conditioner.  Couldn't be happier.  Pete is a great guy to deal with.

Don P.
I just listened to Anouar Brahem's "The Astounding Eyes of Rita" and was gobsmacked by what I heard. These TWL PCs brought the performers out of the audio world and into the "in my room" world. 

An almost surreal experience.

All the best,

I am going to reward myself in 2017 with a new PC for my DAC.  Has anyone compared this TWL Digital American with a Shunyata Alpha Digital PC?

The Shunyata is twice the list price but that gap could be closed if I can find a used Shunyata.  Any comments are appreciated 
I’m up to my third purchase of the HP DA for my system. I’m very content. I can only foresee completing the entire loom as finances become available. All prior post are on par regarding SQ, and build quality.  Well worth the price and then some. 

I plan on obtaining some victor splits to keep the PC’s off the carpeted floor. I’m curious to see how that will turn out.