Trinnov Optimizer MC test


I have a Trinnov Optimizer MC on test right now. While it has the capability of handling multiple speakers and subwoofers, I have only had a chance to insert it into my two channel playback chain. Right now my Esoteric UX-1 feeds the Trinnov via coax SPDIF which then feeds the DAC.

The interesting feature of the Trinnov is the amount of information on tap. Consider me duly impressed. Indeed, the availability of feedback and of options is what drew me to inquire about this unit in the first place.

Given that I also own a Denon AVP-A1hdci for surround sound duty only, I thought it would prove illuminating to compare the efficacy of each company's acoustic correction scheme. I have not yet embarked on a formal comparison but as I have the XTZ Room Analyzer software and have run before and after tests with the Audyssey, I look forward to some measurements.

As for listening impressions, I found the Audyssey to make the upper midbass to midrange region to become too wooly and diffuse or thick. As the Denon is not in the stereo playback chain, I ignore Audyssey unless I watch movies, in which case it does a splendid job equalizing and coordinating the sound field for my surround and subwoofer channels.

It is true that I have only had the Trinnov for a few days and any observations are preliminary. It is possible that there are some of you out there who are curious about this unit so in the few days I have remaining for the test, I would be happy to entertain questions and reasonable requests.

While I hope to write a more elaborate, final review, in the interim I have found that the amount of information and the ability to adjust things on the fly has been both intuitive and instructive. As I have scaled the learning curve I have been able to improve the sound in my room. One feature that has proven efficacious is the ability to measure multiple positions and then weight the computation according to my own preference (for example, based on where I prefer to sit). I have noticed that things do change and now that I have experimented, for the better.

From a technical standpoint it appears the Trinnov's approach is unique in that the company focuses on implementing filters using acoustic space models that rely on Fourier-Bessel calculations and transforms. Although I am somewhat technically inclined (calculus and linear algebra are manageable), I intuit rather than explicitly understand what is going on. In any event, the Optimizer can be used simply or with skill.

Given that I am pretty much 90% music, 10% video I don't know that I will get around to hooking up the Optimizer surround channel although I probably should - after all, it's here and I can satisfy my curiosity once and for all without shelling out the full amount.