Furutech NCF Clear Line Audio Grade AC Optimizer

Has anyone had first hand experience with the Furutech NCF Clear Line Audio Grade AC Optimizer? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks!



In my system I couldn’t detect any improvement or detraction to SQ with the Clear Line . I’ve experienced positive SQ improvements from Puron and Shunyata Venom Defender either being used separately or in combination

I had four of them and sold them all.  They did not appear to do anything either on audio or video.



Interesting. They were listed as a 2023 Editors Choice component by The Absolute Sound. I was considering a purchase, but may just stay away. Thanks for the feedback.

I too could not detect any improvements using the item. I think they are relying on the NCF material to provide most of the benefits.


I have one and plan on another, it's possibly one of the easiest things to try out for yourself.

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I have one. It’s sitting over there on the shelf. I could not detect any changes in my system while using it so I removed it. Sell it to you for cheap if you want to try it for yourself.....

@gnoworyta - if I were you, I’d spend the money on a Puron. You will hear a major improvement in SQ. There is a post Puron thread here. I recommend reading it.