Triangle speaker- comments

My dealer came back from the CES saying these where one of the most impressive products they heard period. They also liked the $/value exquation. They going to get a sample in a couple of weeks, just wondered what others thought. I would be using tubes with these, I see they are resonably effcient.
Mike- I owned the Triangle Antal xs for about 6 months. After extensive break-in (75 hrs) I found them to be fast, neutral and detailed. I was using a Copland CTA 402 tube integrated, producing 55wpc at 8 ohms. Initially, I was very pleased with the combo. However, after a time, I found them to be less than satisfying. In retrospect, I found that the Maggie 1.5s I had earlier to be more involving, with the bass everso slightly better than the Antals. Although, I was using an Aragon 4004mkII with the Maggies. That said, if you plan to stay with tubes, and the amp is low powered, and bass response is not your strong preference, you should check out the Antals. Especially since there has been a price decrease. However, if you're looking at the Celius ($2k) the Opera Pavorratti, JM Reynaud Arpeggione, Alon Capri and the Audio Physic Tempo III are also worth your time and consideration.
I have owned the Triangle Titus xs ($495 list) and it was an excellent speaker. It was incredible at the $400 I paid. It can be bright with the wrong associated equipment, but with the right stuff it is very good. Triangle sells several speakers in the sub $2000 range and they all have nearly universal praise from owners. Read the reviews at comsumer reviews at AudioReview and the professional reviews at I'm a fan, but not a current owner. However, I do consider all of the sub $2000 Triangles to be worthy of consideration at their respective price point.


In our house right now we have both the original and current version of the Triangle Titus, and they are certainly high quality for the price. Nice-looking, too. I second the comment that with the wrong equipment, they will sound overly lean and bright. They are, as all the reviewers seems to suggest, quite revealing, and are proving a good match with EL34 tubes. I havent heard the more expensive models, but can say from extensive listening that the TItus is a fine speaker, especially for the price. I further understand that they all seem to have a "house sound", with increased range as you move further up the line, so I'd love to hear some of the bigger full-range models. Hope this helps.