Transport to Audio Research Dac8

Hi, I just upgraded from dac7 to dac8 and looking for a transport to connect to dac8 to play music on my computer. Any suggestions ?
How will a transport help play music on your computer? That is what the dac8 is for. If ARC makes a transport, that is what I would be looking at. If they don't, I would go with an Esoteric.
Sorry I meant , playing files which are on my computer through transport . I am using Logitech squeezebox now and want to upgrade.
Bryston BDP-1 or -2. This is exactly what you are looking for.

Okay, here is my suggestion. I have tested many CD players and Blue Ray Players to be used as stand alone transports only and I have to tell you it I really hard to beat these to for the sound quality (as transports) and for the money. Pioneer Elite DV 79AVi and Pioneer Elite BDP 09 Blue Ray Player. you can find a used 79AVi for less than $300 US and would have a very hard time finding anything for the money that can beat it. I'm not kidding. Also, BDP O9 is outstanding as a transport. Also, it is built like a tank, is top of the line and has 8 DACS and is very close (seriously) in analog output to my DAC 8. Again, I'm not kidding. Save yourself tons of money and grab a DV 79AVi for transport only or, spend move for a really nice unit that would make you question purchasing the DAC 8 in the first place. People I know replaced their BDP O9s with Oppo's 105 unit, not because the sound or picture quality is better. It isn't. But because compared to other blue ray players, it loads fairly slow. But, for me, I use is solely as a CD transport and it is absolutely wonderful. I moved my DV 79AVi into my bedroom system because if it.
Spell check is really off today.

A wired "transport" for computer source is a USB converter. USB input and coax digital output. This is where the audio quality comes from because it contains the master clock.

If you want to stay with the Transporter but just make it better, then add a reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh. This is a big improvement, but not as good as a good USB converter like an Off-Ramp 5. With a good USB converter, you will also need a good USB cable and a good S/PDIF coax digital cable.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I have an ARC DAC8 - very nice DAC by the way. I use an Oppo83se and a Bryston BDP2. Both are nice options. I would also consider a Mac mini.