A transitor went bad in my preamp. I glowed a bright red and the rectifier tube lit up like fireworks and burned out. I replaced the rectifier tube and that seems to be working fine but one side of my system does not make any sound. The colored bands on the transitor are gone. I sent the preamp back to the manufacturer to replace the transistor.

What would cause this? Can a solid state transistor go bad or is it a power issue? If it is a power issue would a power strip help?
If you are referring to a cylindrical part with several colored bands encircling it, that would be a resistor, not a transistor. Some other failure in the unit, possibly the rectifier tube itself, caused excessive current to flow through it. I doubt that your ac power has anything to do with the problem.

Presumably in order to get the unit working the manufacturer will have to find and fix that other failure in addition to replacing the resistor. Or if the underlying failure was the rectifier tube, which you have already replaced, then just replacing the resistor will be all that is necessary.

-- Al
Thanks Al. I am quite ignorant about such matters. I hope you are right and the replacement of the "resistor" will be all that is needed.