Hagerman Cornet transistor orientation

I need help from someone who's built the original Cornet (not Cornet 2). I put the left and right channel transistors in wrong, and to make a long story short, I now have both of them out, new Digi-Key MJE340GOS-ND transistors ordered (formerly without the "OS" in their part number), and need to know how to put them in. They have a silver side, which faces different ways on left and right, one toward the RCA jacks end of the circuit board, the other toward the power transformer end. But I don't know which goes which way. Can anyone help? I'd be most grateful. The manual has instructions, but I'm not 100% confident that I can interpret them correctly. Probably just being neurotic, but I don't want to get them wrong.
Hello Tom,

It does not matter what series of Cornet you have, transistors are transistors. First off, the transistors should have a marking of "B", "E", "C" for base, collector, and emitter or pin 1,2, or 3. Your pcb should have this marking too so that you can orient them correctly.

Looking at the front of the transistor you have, with the "ON" logo on the leftmost side (leftmost pin), that is pin 1, then 2 then 3 and corresponds to Emitter (1), Collector (2), and Base (3).

If you have a hard time following this still, go to Hagtech forum and all you have to do is post a pic. and many will help you there.

FWIW, do not ask this type of questions here, you will get blank stares most of the time. However, if you ask "what to buy next?" then you will have to increase your PC memory to sort out the responses.