Transferring old Laserdiscs to DVD

A friend of mine wants to transfer his old laserdiscs to DVDs to be less hardware dependent. He has a DVD burner on his computer. Would it be best to record his laserdisks onto his hard drive as an .avi or .mov file and then author them as if they were new vids? Help from anyone who has accomplished this feat will be greatly appreciated.
A friend uses something like the "Dazzle Digital Video Creator" to make DVD quality copies of his laserdiscs.

You can also make DVD's from Video tapes, camcorders, and TV broadcasts with this device.

It costs about $199 at Best Buy and other places. Look at under Video Editing Cards; or cut and paste this link.
Be prepared to use up a lot of hard drive space. A typical non compressed video file will be 40gig or more.
A place to begin to understand how to do these transfers is a site called "Doom9".
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