Laserdiscs - PAL and NTSC

Hi guys hope you can help me. Have just moved from London to New York and bring with me a load of PAL and NTSC discs. In London used the Pioneer CLD-925 as it has both PAL and NTSC play and PAL output. Seems that will not work in the US (I have a Sony XBR-600 TV and the 9000ES amp).

So my question is a) is there a high end player here in the US that I can use to play all my discs on my system and b) if I'm out of luck and I need to ditch the PAl discs is the CDL-99 a good bet?

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Cheers, Tim
The CLD-97 is the best US player. The HLD-X9 is the best player in the world but very expensive. Neither will play PAL discs. The one you have I believe is the same as the CLD-704 except for PAL playback. Why won't the one you have play here?
I can't answer your questions; however, I can tell you this:

All the Sony televisions sold in the US are hardwired for NTSC. If you bought your Sony TV in the US, it will not display pictures from a PAL source. You will need to convert PAL to NTSC.

Some DVD players can do internal PAL-NTSC conversion. I don't know about Laserdisc players. There are outboard PAL-NTSC converters on the market.

You could purchase a dual system TV (PAL/NTSC). Try this company in New York; , or in Houston. They sell a range of brand name TVs designed to operate at 110/220V with PAL or NTSC signals. You then have the option of taking the TV with you if you go back to the UK at some time in the future.

Thanks for your responses it's much appreciated!!!!

Happy New Year!