Hi All:

I read a review of this new Totem speaker, The One, a 20th anniversary edition of the Model 1. New and better, I guess. Has anyone heard this speaker yet? My dealer can maybe get a pair for demo, but curious to hear thoughts out there.

My favorite Totem is the can rival any speaker made given appropriate ancillaries and room size. I have owned them and the Winds and Hawks. Solid state is recommended to drive them.
Hi Dave_b
Thanks for your response. I'm familiar with the Totem line and I have and love the Arros. I need a smallish speaker for my set-up however. The larger Totems are quite nice too! I had Model 1 Sigs for a while and liked them so now I'm wondering about The Ones.

If you loved the Model 1 sig's, you will marry The One's...go for it! More pure, more contrasts and just plain musical.
still the forest for a great alrounder.