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Power Condition Rogue Stereo 90?
Hi Cyclonicman:Thanks for your thoughts. I did try their speaker cables, but I do not see that they make power cables? Is that what you are referring to? 
Power Condition Rogue Stereo 90?
Thanks Jwpstayman! Thats the sort of definitive answer I was looking for. 
Hydra 6 Placement/vibration
Thanks Thorman! 
Rega IOS
For those that may be interested:The ios has about 100 hours on it so far thanks to a burn-in cd for MC phono stages. It does need burn in as can be expected. It was painfully bright when out of the box especially with violins. Now that it's mello... 
Rega IOS
I picked up the ios yesterday and while I'll wait for it to break in before making any comments on the sound, I can say that it is dead quiet. I've been through several phono stages, all modest for the most part. All of them had trouble with EMI, ... 
Rega IOS
Just ordered one! Had to try it with the P9 and Apheta. Will let you know what I think. 
Baroque Lover:I realized only today that The Ones are only recently available, like Sept 1st. Where did you hear them and did you have a thorough audition of them?Thanks for your thoughts! 
Hi Dave_bThanks for your response. I'm familiar with the Totem line and I have and love the Arros. I need a smallish speaker for my set-up however. The larger Totems are quite nice too! I had Model 1 Sigs for a while and liked them so now I'm wond... 
Rega P9/Apheta Hiss/not Hum
Hi:Thanks for your responses. I get this noise even with the P9 power supply off. My amp is 3 or 4 feet from the TT. I spoke with the Sound Org guys too. Very helpful and pleasant to speak with.A few people have told me it might just be the amount... 
matching the Arros
rogue audio Cronus or stereo 90 and 99 preamp awesome! 
Time between playing the same LP
Lets think about the physics here. The p/a (stress) that the stylus creates is quite high and yes it must generate heat. Each spot the LP gets only a brief visit from the stylus so I think any residual heat is negligible and is very quickly dissip... 
Impressed with Tubes
Hi Kitjv:I've recently listened to a Rogue Perseus through a Rogue Stereo 90. At that time I had a Rogue Cronus integrated, which was great. Rather than buy a new Perseus and 90, I found a used Rogue 99 preamp and a 90. The 99 is remarkable. Bette... 
What's the story with Japanese pressings?
Thanks for all of the input. I listen mostly to jazz and classical so maybe I'll give them a try.Happy New Year! 
Rega hum
Then you might be back to trying an upgraded power cord. 
Rega hum
Try also different combinations of where things are plugged in. Most amps/preamps if the are separate units like to be plugged into the same source to prevent ground loop hum. Try that or try plugging the TT into a different outlet, even try runni...