Totem Sttaf and Parasound halo A21 or A23

I am wondering if anyone has this combination or has heard this combination...and what your impressions were. If you have heard also what was the preamp used. Thanks. I have Sttafs currently with an integra receiver and thinking about upgrading to something to make them sound better. In a room 25x16x9.
I have the Totem Sttaf speakers paired with Mystere CA21 tube preamp, CODA 10.5r SS amplifier, Manley Chinook phono stage, and Rega P25 Planar turntable with Dynavector 10X5 cartridge. It sounds great to me! The combination works very well and provides an abundance of quality sound and performance. I did replace all stock tubes with NOS tubes from Vintage Tube Services (Andy). I also chose Mapleshade Double Helix speaker cables with PLUS upgrade.
I would SURELY do the A21 in that room. That combo would be fantastic!! You can move the Staffs well into the room, away from all the boundaries.