Totem Rainmaker OR Epos M5???

I really need some help here. I intend to purchase a set of small speakers but there is no opportunity to listen beforehand. Please give me your opinions about which of these fine speakers I should purchase. My preference is for a very lively speaker in the upper reaches - i.e. I can actually hear the brush on a cymbal. (Okay I'm not a musician so I may not have the words right). In addition to those speakers listed, I have read good reviews on Spendor LS 3/5se, so those are probably in contention also. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks.
Consider the EPOS M12.2. Much more refinement and nuance over the M5 for another $250 or so. I prefer the EPOS M12.2 to the Totem Rainmakers. If adding to your list is an option, I would add the NHT Classic 3.

In general, the speakers that you mention, as well as any other suggestions that you may receive, will all be good sounding speakers. So much of this though comes down to how do all the components mesh together ... synergy. What will be the amp and CD player being used in your set-up? The right combination is the difference between a good sounding system and an amazing sounding system.

No need to add that buying without auditioning is a great way to get less than what you pay for.

Regards, Rich
the totem rainmaker.
I think the Epos M5 is superior to the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker's frequency response is tilted up in the highs and in the lower frequencies. If you want to hear the "sparkle" as you say, then buy the Rainmakers. However the M5 will have less listener fatigue. Good luck.
I've heard both speakers and can tell you that the totem's will sound more lively and lifelike with more detailed yet smooth highs. The epos m5's are great if you like a smoother
and more laid back sound that you can listen to all day but they don't sound as detailed and alive.